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Asset Management (AMS)

Asset Tracking and Job Scheduling

  • Assets are tracked over any number of locations
  • Ability to create kits
  • Stock management and warranty tracability
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop task creation and scheduling
  • Ensures all tasks are carried out by a correctly skilled employee
  • Managers and supervisors are warned via email of escalated/uncompleted tasks
  • Mobile workforce have easy-to-use mobile terminals with touchscreens and built-in scanner with automatic connection via WIFI and 3G
  • Signature capture using touchscreen technology is included
  • Any faults or issues found during inspection are automatically reported to the appropriate department via email and jobs can be scheduled automatically
  • Multi-media can be used to help guide and instruct the employee
  • Full management reporting including historical analysis for auditing purposes
  • Suitable for all industry and government sectors
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