Automatic Scanning

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective – with its low purchase price and easy on-site maintenance, a one-gate system has a payback on investment in less than a year.
  • Accurate – 100% accurate, including crossed hanger detection.
  • Fast – scans upto 9000 singles per hour.
  • Flexible – the modular design is key to successful integration and allows the installation of any number of fully networked gates.
  • Remote Control – view and change system diagnostics and parameters via handheld terminals. Huge cost benefit in terms of gate usage.
  • Compact – the small system footprint allows twice the number of gates in the same space as other systems.
  • Integrated – Microsoft-based for easy and seamless linking to existing I.T. systems
  • Proven – excellent track record at several logistics companies.
  • Versatile – reads any barcode and/or RFID tag and handles both metal and plastic hangers.